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Local Volunteers



We welcome local volunteers that want to serve with Damaris House on a regular basis to assist with our everyday functions, provide a specialized service, or plan an extracurricular activity for our participants. If you are interested in volunteering your time and skills to Damaris, please contact us. Due to the sensitive nature of our organization, all volunteers are required to undergo a background check and volunteer training.



Community House Damaris offers young women and students the opportunity to experience full-time service in a different culture. Our internships are from 1-12 months, and for women over the age of 20. Our work specializes in assisting and caring for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Within our demographic, Damaris fights in the intersection of two massive global injustices: human trafficking and the refugee crisis. We welcome interns in many fields such as social work, psychology, missions, communications, media, and more. Click the link below to inquire with our Intern Coordinator and request an application.

Internship Program
Long-Term Opportunities



Would you like to work with Community House Damaris in a long-term position? To inquire about the employment opportunities listed below, please email us and include your CV. Please note that compensated work opportunities are only available to individuals with Greek residency and/or EU passport holders that are willing to raise their own support. If you are interested in long-term service with Damaris, please also contact us at the link below.

CURRENT OPENINGS : Fundraiser, French Translator

Church Partnership



Community House Damaris invites families who are active in the business world to support our work embracing our charity purposes. Join us, as we are fighting to change the life of one more victim of trafficking and sexual exploitation, today!


In addition to the tax benefits on your business, you can prove your empathy for the situation of these girls and their babies —

  • By establishing healthy relationships with the surrounding community, and

  • By strengthening a key element of maintaining strong bonds within the family from generation to generation.

Help us do more for these young women living with the trauma of fear, coercion, and violence and whose number increases more and more, by —

  • Demonstrating in practice the core values of your family,

  • Carving unchangeable the positive social sign of your business in the world, and

  • Leaving behind a reserve of love and a legacy of a name that the younger generations will be happy to identify with working in the family business.

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