The Twelve Steps Program is a recovery program adopted by Community House Damaris to lead our participants and our staff in their healing journey. Our program participants attend a weekly meeting of the Twelve Steps Program at our Recovery Day Program. We also believe that all people are in need of healing and that our caregivers should be willing to do what we ask of our beneficiaries. For this reason, we also hold a second Twelve Steps Program, called the Formation of Servants, exclusively for our staff and interns.


While the Twelve Steps Program offered in our Day Program is non-religious, the SA Foundation’s Formation of Servants combines the study of Biblical scriptures with the practice of the Twelve Steps Program. The program is a forty-week journey that encourages participants to surrender to God as he heals their past, submit to His loving authority, and entrust their future to His mercy and grace. 


classes include, but are not limited to, the following subjects –


CHOICES • Dealing with family of origin issues, making healthy decisions, etc.

TWELVE STEPS • Group style recovery program.

WAVELENGTHS • Guest speaker forum where they share their personal stories.


PARENTING • Teaching participants how to break the cycle of abuse in the lives of their children.

ART THERAPY • Opportunities for artistic expression of emotions through painting as well as learning alternative artistic techniques.

GREEK CLASS • Teaching the Greek language aiming at the smooth integration of our participants in the broader Greek community.

CULTURAL ORIENTATION • A course of acquaintance with the Greek mentality aiming at the participants' unhindered adaptation into the Greek reality.

NUTRITION/COOKING • Teaching how to shop on a budget, and cook simple, affordable, nutritious meals.

VOLUNTEERING • Giving participants the opportunity to serve with an outside agency.

CAREER NETWORK • Helping participants in job seeking endeavors by improving competency and skills.

BUDGETING • Teaching participants to craft and live within monthly budget.